Roman Urdu to English Translation

Nowadays, many people get the support of writing Roman Urdu for messaging. It means alphabets of English are used but they want to convey their meanings in Urdu. Since Urdu keyboard isn’t available to everyone, and if available, common people don’t know how to use it.
In such situation, you are compelled to get roman support. Roman Urdu is not only used for messaging frequently, but also in social media such as FaceBook, Twitter, and many other forums where people talk to one another. Yahoo messenger; which was very famous chat program some times ago, writing in Roman Urdu was used with a huge tendency. People would talk for several hours without having a sense of passing the time.
Sometimes, while writing or reading Roman Urdu, you feel something odd in terms of understanding or making it sensible and you need to figure out the English meaning of that particular word. English word may ease it to understand and you feel comfort exposing it using not Roman Urdu.
Now, when the trend of learning English is being grown increasingly and at many occasions, learning English Meaning of Urdu words is required and general dictionaries use Urdu alphabets.
At this point, people needed a dictionary or program whereby they can know the English meaning by typing Roman Urdu. The solution of this difficulty exists in this website i.e. Roman Urdu to English where you can not only know the English meaning or roman urdu word as well as figure out the pronunciation and that how to write them using right Urdu scipt.
This website is the fulfillment of the long-lasting desire of people. Hopefully, viewers will like it and if some mistakes or errors are found, please let us know so that we may correct them to the possible extent. If any of your desired or required word doesn’t exist feel free to drop us a line, and we shall suddenly add it.

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